WILCA, a Crossroad of Internationalization of Cultures and Local Arts, in its First Edition in The Region of Souss Massa

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Week of Internationalizing Local Culture and Arts 2018

Agadir, Morocco
WILCA, a new concept, first edition
The region of Souss Massa was mobilized for an event, which is original by its nature and huge in its impact: The first edition of WILCA (Week of Internationalizing Local Culture and Arts), from Oct 27th to Nov 1st.
The concept of WILCA is part of the vision of his majesty Mohamed VI, for the valorization of Moroccan intangible cultural heritage, where arts are in its core.
WILCA’s mission is for participants to discover, explore and add value to the local arts, by means of cultural exchange between local, traditional musical groups and their international counterparts. We meet to share experiences and values, also to sing and dance together, all in the spirit of thinking local. WILCA’ s mission consists also of promoting the rural and back country of Souss Massa region, by organizing tours and expeditions that includes all these areas.
The concept of WILCA was initially inspired by the work and activities of the ambassador of Moroccan culture in the USA, Fattah Abbou, the co-founder of the musical band AZA, then it was developed and widened by ARCID to include other aspects of the cultural and artistic heritage in the rural areas of the region, with the goal of internationalizing it.
WILCA between academia, culture and tourism
The first edition of WILCA was co-organized by ARCID (African Research Center for Innovation and Development) and RDTR (Réseau de Développemenet du Tourisme Rural), in collaboration with L ENCG D’Agadir. The inauguration took place in an academic context, Agadir ENCG, in order to sensitize students of the importance of cross- cultural dialogue in their personal development, and in their approach to future company/organization management.  After that, WILCA took the road to visit the mountains of Ida Outanan, the oasis of Tata and Foum Zguid desert to close the event in Igran of Tiout.

WILCA, a success story that opened up the horizon

The success of the first WILCA edition was evident. With over a hundred participants including local artists, Americans, and fans of the local culture and arts in general. It was a memorable cultural exchange between local artists (Lahcen Id Hammou, Ahmed Amaynou, Rwaiss, Tilila band, mizan Tiyout and many others), Fattah Abbou, the ambassador of the Moroccan Culture in the USA, and his students. This exchange has inspired future events that invest in internationalization of local culture and arts in a cross- cultural exchange with other nations.
 “The next WILCA 2019 will not be limited to music and arts, but it will involve academia. We will bring experts in different fields such us anthropology, musicology, sociology and organize lectures and conferences” (Underlined Dr.Rachid Oumlil, the President Founder of ARCID).